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Professional makeup

The modern beauty industry has long formed the canons of creating a professional make-up, which is able not only to externally rejuvenate the fair sex, but also make her especially attractive in the eyes of surrounding people. The process of applying makeup is a kind of mystery that takes place behind the scenes of the world of fashion and cinema.

Freya Estetica salon offers professional make-up services. We approach each client individually, based on the analysis of the condition of your skin and your personal wishes. It takes into account the shape of the face, the color of the eyes, skin and hair, the way you want to look, and the expected results that you intend to get.

We offer you day, evening, wedding and photo make-up. Well, whatever the make-up, the main thing is that it looks natural and emphasizes your beauty.

Make up
Procedure Duration Price
Day makeup 45 minutes 25 €
Evening makeup 1 hour 35 €
Foto makeup 1 hour 35 €
Wedding makeup 1 hour 30 minutes 35 €
Trial wedding makeup 1 hour 30 minutes 35 €

Ekaterina Steblevski

Freya Estetica administrator

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