Anti-cellulite wrap with medicinal herbs

Effective decomposition of fat cells under the influence of algae

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The procedure removes fat cells over and over, pulls up and models the body. Lifting loose skin, as well as reducing fat deposits. The procedure is enriched with active marine minerals that tighten, remove toxins and moisturize the skin. During the procedure, we use an algae-based gel with a delicate silky texture that renews the structure of the epidermis and activates the blood circulation.

This potent medicament actively restores the fibers of collagen and elastane also prevents the decomposition of the necessary skin components. A noticeable result is achieved after the first procedure, but to achieve a long-term result, a course of procedures is recommended (8-10).

Duration of treatment: 1 hour 30 minutes

Price: 55 €

Total weight loss
Reduction of local fatty deposits and manifestations of cellulite
Treatment of stretch marks
Improvement of quality and relief of the skin
Fighting total body fatigue
Relieving muscular tension

Ekaterina Steblevski

Freya Estetica administrator

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