Cellulite treatment Lymphastim

One of the most unique methods in the fight against cellulite, excess weight, puffiness.
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Apparatus LYMPHASTIM represents the newest construction for conducting effective aesthetic procedures that are based on lymph drainage therapy. Apparatus LYMPHASTIM received the award of the exhibition Medical Fair Award 2010.

Method of use

The apparatus for conducting the pressotherapy represents a special costume into which is given air under different pressure. For the legs is used special high boots, for stomach and thighs is used a wide belt, but for arms – long gloves. The supply of compressed air into a segment of the costume is dosed with the special device and it is carried out a delicate massage that supports the natural movement of lymph along the body, identically to manual lymph massage. Depending on the treatable areas it is possible to select on the apparatus individual programs for every patient.

Pressotherapy (lymph drainage) – method that is based on the rhytmic stimulation of muscles with a certain succession with the aim to induce natural lymph drainage and to reduce the content of liquids and toxins.

Who needs pressotherapy?

Conducting pressotherapy procedures enables in some cases to avoid surgical interference. However, in arising of post-operative swellings the pressotherapy is considered almost only effective method of emergency aid. The pressotherapy with economic effect regimen is especially foreseen for them who are forbidden lymph drainage by electrostimulation of muscular tissue, with ultrasound, electrophoresis or manual massage. If there are no such contradictions, the pressotherapy even strengthens the effect of ultrasound therapy and electrostimulation. The pressotherapy may be combined with different methods of cellulite treatment, skin rejuvenation and figure correction, for example wrapping. The procedure strengthens and rejuvenates body rather quickly!

The pressotherapy helps well women on 2nd or 3rd month of pregnancy for the swelling removal. Thereby the abdominal are is isolated, the impact is only on legs. Also for strengthening abdominal wall after giving birth.

How are the procedures conducted?

The pressotherapy seance takes 30-40 minutes. The pressotherapy is conducted once after one-two days. Depending on the problem being solved is necessary 10 until 15 seances. If case of need the pressotherapy cure may be repeated after six months. Already after the first procedure: lightness in legs, vivacity, and the weight is reducing. After 2-3 procedures the swellings will diminish,”the orange shell“will be smoothed, the skin colour will improve and the visible vessels on skin surface will disappear.

Interesting fact: specialists reassure that only one procedure on the pressotherapy apparatus replaces 20-30 seances of traditional manual massage!

NB! The anti-cellulite programs turn on the previous lymph drainage of body.

Effective in case of treatment:
Looseness of connective tissue of thighs, buttocks, stomach, hands
The heavy legs syndrome
Prevention of varicose veins
Treatment of varicose network
Improvement of the trophic structure of skin (disruptions of capillary bloodstream in shins)
Fatty swelling
Care after liposuction
Medical indications:
Chronic swellings
Venous insufficiency
The post trauma care
The post operative care
The tunnel syndrome of palm
Diabetic angiophaty (injury of blood vessels)
The ischemic disease of lower extremities
Algodystrophie syndrome (pain syndrome that is connected with the injury of bones and soft tissues as a result neurosirculatory dysfunction)
Trophic injury of skin
Muscle pains in back
Reduction of arterial pressure
Increasing of immunity
Benign malignant formations
Lymphadenitis in the body part being subjected to the treatment
Infectious skin diseases
Open wounds and fractures
Blood diseases
Reduction of blood coagulation
Stage 3 cardio-vascular diseases
Chronic nephritic insufficiency
Pregnancy beginning from the 2nd trimester
General infectious and viral diseases in the stage of becoming more acute
Pressure therapy
BTL LYMPHASTIM pressure therapy
Dealing with cellulite problem
Pressure therapy on the physiotherapy apparatus – the price includes a one-time costume + warming, lifting or moisturizing cream.
30 minutes 20 € 36 €
45 minutes 26 € 49 €
60 minutes 40 € 72 €
Course - 8 procedures 150 € 273 €

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