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Hair loss up to 3 weeks as a result of a significant slowdown in its growth.

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Wax depilation or waxing is one of the most popular kind of biodepilation. Unwanted hair is removed by using special cosmetic wax – softwax which used in biodepilation is produced on the base of softeners ( bees wax and honey) and special blend of pine gum. During procedure the skin is heating up, the pores are opening, that allowa to make process of removing hair practically painless, fast, effectively.

Results of the procedure biodepilation.

Wax depilation gives possibility to get excellent effect – last of hair for up to 3 weeks and as result slowdown of hair grow. Also, last procedure of wax depilation may count on skin rejuvination in crease in ellasticity. The skin becomes more attractive as result of hair removal with the horny layer. It becomes more soft and smooth.

How long does effect lost after wax depilation?

The effect losts after wax depilation about 3 weeks. After this period hair begins to prow actively and there is a need to implement biodepilation procedure again.

Procedure Price
Upper lip depilation 7 €
Chin depilation 7 €
Leg depilation to the knee 16 €
Leg depilation above the knee 16 €
Leg depilation 30 €
Hand depilation 15 €
Classic bikini 10 €
Armpit depilation 7 €
Brazilian Waxing 30 €
Brazilian Waxing for man 50 €
Back depilation 25 €

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