Eyelashes and brows

Colouring, chemical perm and eyelash extensions.

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Colouring eyelashes and eyebrows makes it possible to give the face and look expressiveness. Such coloring is necessary to give the shape of the eyebrows clarity and brightness of the line, and for the eyelashes – the volume and lengthening effect. Colouring eyelashes and eyebrows does not take much time. The result lasts about a month, depending on the hair growth.

The procedure of correction and coloring of the eyebrows includes colouring, cutting the eyebrows (if necessary), the shape of the eyebrows is drawn and all excess hairs are removed, tweezers or wax is used.

Perm of eyelashes

A chemical perm of eyelashes allows to make your eyelashes twirled and irresistible. Our salon uses the latest technology and the procedure takes 40 minutes. Chemical perm gives a more lasting result in comparison with false eyelashes, mascara and tweezers for twisting eyelashes.

Advantages of a chemical perm of eyelashes:

The most important and basic thing is beautiful eyelashes. Now you do not need every morning to twist them with terrible designs or impose too much mascara. And you will save a lot of time in the morning. A chemical perm of eyelashes is a completely painless procedure that lasts about an hour.

Modeling and coloring of eyebrows with henna Brow Henna

he innovative procedure Brow Henna is a natural method for persistent dyeing of eyebrows and is ideal for you if your eyebrows have lost shape, thinned and require additional toning.

Choose Brow Henna, if you want:

  • Restore eyebrows
  • Correct the asymmetric shape of the eyebrows
  • Hide small defects
  • Emphasize the dignity of the eyebrows
  • Want to keep eyebrows well-groomed for a long time

The procedure is also suitable for those who have long dreamed of trying eyebrow tattoos, but never dared. The result will last up to six weeks.


  • After the procedure, it is not recommended to wet the eyebrows with water for 24 hours.
  • It is necessary to lubricate the eyebrows daily with oil to preserve the result for the maximum period.
  • It is not recommended to use scrubs in the eyebrow area

How often you can colour: The procedure should be repeated once a month.

Eyelash extension

What girl does not dream of long and fluffy eyelashes? However, not everybody is given such wealth by nature. But is this a reason to despair, if you can become the owner of a charming look in just a couple of hours, just by increasing your eyelashes? An experienced and certified master offers you services to build up mink, sable and silk eyelashes.

Eyelashes and brows
Procedure Price Price*
Eyelash colouring, 15min 15 € 12 €
Eyebrow colouring, 15min 15 € 12 €
Eyebrow HENNA colouring, 1 hour 25 € 25 €
Eyebrow + eyelash colouring, 20min 17 € 15 €
Eyebrow correction, 15 min 12 € 9 €
Eyebrow correction and colouring, 20min 18 € 15 €
Eyebrow waxing, 15 min 15 € 12 €
Eyelash colouring and curling,(LASH LIFT) 1 hour 33 € 33 €
Eyelash + eyebrow colouring and correction, 30 min 25 € 22 €
Eyelash extensions - classic, 90 min 48 €
Eyelash extensions - volume 60 €
Maintenance of eyelash extensions 35-42 €
Eyebrow lamination 1 hour 39€ 39 €

* the price of the service if it is combined with other procedures

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