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Skin analysis and consultation

15 minutes
The skin analysis consultation is a part of your visit, but you can sign up for our free 15-minute skin analysis consultation at any time. Our specialist will analyze your skin under a magnifying glass and offer home care for your skin type and individual characteristics. If desired, they will analyze your current care regimen, can advise on skin care during the change of seasons and offer a treatment plan to best suit your needs. So bring the care cosmetics you use and let us help you!

Lifting care programme to prevent facial wrinkles

1 hour 15 minutes

70 €

Cleaning, exfoliation, hydrogenation, facial massage, lifting, serum, mask, eye cream, skin type based cream with SPF 30.

Comprehensive prevention and correction of the signs of aging skin for an instant and long-lasting tightening and smoothing effect. We also offer a half-hour lifting treatment for the neck and décolleté area.

Anti-aging facelift with exclusive instant lift massage (Super Lift)

1 hour 15 minutes

75 €

A luxurious procedure that literally “wipes out” the signs of aging. Thanks to the layer-by-layer activation of all skin structures and skin receptors, there is an improvement in metabolic processes, nutrition and blood supply of tissues, and a stable and pronounced result is ensured. In addition, the procedure is enhanced by instantaneous lifting massage. The procedure is suitable for both men and women.

Effective procedure at any age and for any type of skin, including thin, sensitive and problematic skin.

It is advisable to repeat the procedure once every two weeks, but it can also be an independent procedure for beauty and immediate lifting of the facial skin.

Classic type-based skin care

1 hour

48 €

Cleansing, exfoliation, classic facial massage, serum, skin type based mask, eye cream, face cream with SPF 30.

Lifting-care programme for eyelid skin

30 minutes

35 €

Cleaning, exfoliation, lifting, serum, emulsion massage, mask, eye cream.

Preventive maintenance and correction of facial wrinkles, moisturizing, lifting, skin lipid barrier recovery.

Moisturizing express treatment

30 minutes

35 €

Cleansing, natural gel-exfoliation, serum, mask, eye cream, face cream with SPF 30.

Express care has a deep moisturizing effect, strengthens and improves the skin. It normalizes the water balance of damaged skin and protects it from harmful environmental factors. This procedure is suitable for all skin types.

Bioplasma treatment

1 hour 15 minutes

75 €

Collagen production acid facial. Producing new collagen will takes some time, so main result will observe in 7-10 days after treatment. Skin thicker, stronger and firmer.

After treatment:

Provides the skin with immediate moisture, signals the cells to produce natural moisture, collagen & elastin. Skin dryness can be feel on next day after treatment.

  • No recovery period
  • Powerfull – as a peeling
  • Gentle – as a facial

After treatment collagen start produce very fast. So the best bioplasma benefits you will observe few days later.

Anti-age programme for all types of fading skin

1 hour 15 minutes

70 €

Cleaning, exfoliation, hydrogenation, facial massage, moisturizing with serum, mask, eye cream, skin type based cream with SPF 30.

Professional anti-wrinkle care for normal, combined, dry, mature skin, including the period of premenopause, for repairing the damage caused by the environment, supporting natural skin renewal and fighting skin changes due to chronobiological aging.

Luxury care based on precious liquid gold and nutripeptides

1 hour 15 minutes

80 €

To erase traces of time, instantly to grow younger visually is now possible. The procedure is aimed at achieving instant and long-lasting lifting effect. A stunning result is visible immediately and lasts for a long time: small wrinkles are smoothed, skin elasticity is increased, its structure is refreshed.

Luxury care with an innovative “youth molecule” and 24-carat gold, a specially developed procedure for skin with signs of aging (pigmentation, atonic skin, wrinkles, deterioration of relief and conspicious porousness)The procedure is based on the high-tech patented PhotoGlow system of delivery peptides into the cell..

Peptides recognize receptors on skin cells, bind to them, allow active ingredients to penetrate into the heart of the cell. Due to this the procedure has an amazing rejuvenating effect, quickly removes traces of fatigue and stress, gives the skin a delightful color, strengthens antioxidant protection. Ideal for any kind of skin care, including sensitive skin. After the procedure, the level of moisture rises and the skin acquires a more youthful and radiant appearance.

Soothing treatment for sensitive skin with couperose and rosacea

1 hour 15 minutes

70 €

Radical solution of sensitive skin problems. Thanks to this procedure, the relief is smoothed, the condition of the skin having dilated capillaries, disturbance of microcirculation, and irritation is noticeably improved. Already during the procedure, the flow of blood to the skin decreases, the vessels narrow, redness and discomfort disappear. The skin becomes soft, acquiring an even tone.

The procedure is suitable for both men and women. It is advisable to repeat the procedure 1 time per week, but it can be self-sufficient to alleviate and soothe the skin.

Who is it recommended to?

  • Those with sensitive skin
  • Couperose on the skin of the face
  • Rosacea

Spa facial care with a paraffin mask

1 hour 15 minutes

70 €

If the skin on the face has become more tired than ever, and from masks and creams you can not see the result, you should use paraffinotherapy. This procedure is able to create a miracle with the skin – to give it softness, elasticity and resilience.

Who is recommended to have paraffin masks done?

  • The one who has dry, flabby, saggy skin.
  • With puffiness of the face, sagging, cheeks, stretch marks and other age-related skin changes.
  • To fight the second chin, and if necessary, pull up the face oval.
  • The paraffin mask will save you from seals on the skin, acne, will soften sebaceous plugs.

If you need to put your skin in order urgently – the paraffin mask – this is what you need!

What effect does the paraffin mask have on the face?

The pores are cleared. During application, the paraffin is warm and the pores are opened, and after a few minutes it begins to harden and the pores are mechanically narrowed, so excess dirt is pushed out and the skin is cleaned.

The most important property and difference from other face masks is that, when cooled, warmth is transferred to the skin and paraffin wax decreases in volume, thereby tightening the face oval, reducing wrinkles, softening and simultaneously compressing the skin.

Improves the circulation of blood and lymph, and hence the nutrition of skin cells, and the complexion becomes more even, a natural blush appears.

The result after paraffin masks is visible facial skin lifting, skin elasticity improvement, cleansing, natural moisturizing and face rejuvenation.

New G4 facial treatment from the Israeli company GIGI

1 hour 15 minutes

80 €

A procedure containing a unique complex that works to restore and maintain the hydrolipid mantle (skin barrier) and stimulate the extracellular matrix (structure of skin tissue)

  • Stimulation and skin regeneration
  • Deep skin hydration
  • Antioxidant protection of cells
  • Strengthening and restoration of the epidermal barrier (protective layer of the skin)
  • Recovery after sun exposure and aggressive cosmetic procedures
  • Qualitative improvement of skin texture
  • Smoothing of skin microrelief
  • Pronounced lifting
  • Activates cellular metabolism

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