IPL laser epilation

Now this method has become even more perfect!
EXILITE tm technology, which uses Intense Pulsed Laser (IPL) technology, allows you to achieve fast, effective and painless results in the most popular cosmetic procedures – laser epilation.

EXILITE tm – epilation is a modern and unparalleled method of permanent hair removal. It was developed by the British company BTL Aesthetis in collaboration with leading medical engineers and doctors.

EXILITE technology give a chance for you to painlessly remove hair of any color and structure. EXILITE tm epilation allows you to completely get rid of hair in the most problematic areas, including the upper lip and cheeks, chin and arms, shoulders and bikini area, stomach and legs, back and chest, neck and buttocks.


  • Reduce and inhibit hair growth
  • Resolve problems with ingrown hairs
  • Resolves problems with skin irritation after shaving and waxing
  • Resolves problems with inflammation of hair follicles after shaving



Excellent results

Lifelong removal of 85% of unwanted hair in any area of the face and body in 4-6 treatments without pain and stress.


EXILITE ™ is equipped with a cooling system. You really will not feel any unpleasant sensations, the epilation procedure is now painless.

No side effects

No traces of itching, rashes, ingrown hairs and burns remain on the skin. You can plan your business with confidence and not change your daily routine.

One treatment - two effects

Parallel skin rejuvenation: evening the tone, lightening pigmentation, removing small vessels. Excellent lifting, especially in areas with thin skin – inner thighs and arms.


Epilation on the EXILITE device is recognized as the safest in the world! 30 years of clinical research. 100% safe – approved by oncologists. The built-in skin cooling system with a sapphire tip ensures epidermal protection and patient comfort during the procedure.

Your time

The EXILITE tm device – quickly removes hair. Epilation of legs takes only 40 minutes! 4-6 procedures – guaranteed removal of 85% of hair. For about 1 – 2 months the hair does not grow, with each procedure their number decreases, they become completely transparent and thin until they completely disappear. Dead hairs fall out after 3 weeks. Hair can be shaved between treatments, there is no need to regrow it as for waxing.

How many procedures do you need to do?

EXILITE tm hair removal affects the hair only in the active phase, which is why the procedure must be repeated depending on the hair growth cycle. The average number of sessions is 4-6 procedures with an interval of 4 weeks.

It is important to know that 100% hair loss cannot be guaranteed for life as hair in the half-sleep or resting phase can be activated over time under the influence of such factors as hormonal disorders, menopause, illness, medications, weight gain, etc.

What do you need to know?

The procedure is preceded by a consultation with a specialist, the type of skin is determined, the reaction of the skin to energy impulses is tested, and possible contraindications to the procedure are determined.


1-3 days before the procedure, you must shave off the hair from the area to be treated. On the day of the procedure, the hair should be 1-2 mm in length.


2 weeks before the procedure, you must definitely refrain from tanning, visiting a solarium and using self-tanning


If the hair is removed with wax or epilator, it is recommended to wait for 4 weeks before starting the procedure (necessary in order to ensure the presence of a new hair follicle)


Before the procedure, it is imperative to refrain from taking medications that cause photo- or light sensitivity (Roccutan, tetracycline, etc.), blood thinners (Marevan, etc.), herbal extracts (St. John's wort, etc.), vitamins (vitamin A, etc.) . in large quantities) and other food additives and products in unusual quantities.



Pregnancy and lactation


Oncological diseases


Diabetes and diseases of internal organs


People with porphyria, lupus, or epilepsy


Problems of the immune system (HIV, AIDS)


Blood clotting problems


Allergy to light and sun


If there is herpes in the treated area


Keloid scars and cancer formations


If you have undergone laser rejuvenation or chemical peeling within the last 3 months


Tattoos in the treated area


Metal implants



Laser epilation prices

* The recommended number of procedures is calculated individually at the consultation before the procedure.

IPL laser
Zone Price Course, 6 procedures
Laser epilation
Upper lip, 30 minutes 36 € 194 €
Chin, 30 minutes 36 € 194 €
Between the eyebrows, 30 minutes 36 € 194 €
Eyebrows, 30 minutes 36 € 194 €
Sideburns, 30 minutes 36 € 194 €
Cheeks, 30 minutes 36 € 194 €
Wrists, fingers, 30 minutes 36 € 194 €
Armpit area, 30 minutes 36 € 194 €
Belly line, 40 minutes 36 € 194 €
Neck, 45 minutes 63 € 338 €
Male breast, 45 minutes 63 € 338 €
Face (completely), 45 minutes 63 € 338 €
Hands to the elbow, 45 minutes 63 € 338 €
Hands above the elbow, 45 minutes 63 € 338 €
Chest (neckline), 45 minutes 63 € 338 €
Loin, 45 minutes 63 € 338 €
Belly (completely), 45 minutes 63 € 338 €
Buttocks, 45 minutes 63 € 338 €
Bikini area, 45 minutes 63 € 338 €
Brazilian bikini, 1 hour 30 minutes 75 € 405 €
Hands (completely), 1 hour 30 minutes 75 € 405 €
Hips (including the knees), 1 h 30 minutes 106 € 570 €
Shin (including the knees), 1 h 30 minutes 106 € 570 €
Back (completely), 1 hour 30 minutes 106 € 570 €
Male belly, 1 hour 30 minutes 106 € 570 €

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