Laser therapy on medical grounds

Effective treatment of acne, herpes, rosacea, pimples and others.
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Laser therapy is a physiological impact of a laser light on the human body. Low-intensity laser radiation is perceived by the body as a natural stimulus, causing a local intercellular heating for a fraction of a second. Laser physiotherapy in adequate doses causes physico-chemical, biochemical and physiological changes in processes at the cellular level. Physiotherapy laser equipment has a rather low intensity, so as not to damage the tissue and by affecting it, to increase resilience and to speed up healing (regeneration).
Red light improves the growth of collagen fibers as a result of photochemical activity. Red light affects the mitochondria in the epidermis layer, generating more energy to accelerate DNA and RNA synthesis, it is recommended to stimulate the speed of tissue reproduction and cell renewal. It is used to treat swelling, stimulate blood circulation, reviving tired skin.

Laser physiotherapy has the following positive effects:

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Acts as an effective painkiller
  • Relieves blood vessel spasms
  • Suppresses inflammatory processes
  • Increases the resistance of immunity to viruses
  • Stimulates the regeneration of skin cells
  • Has a reflexogenic effect


The distribution of hyaluronic acid is more uniform than when injected. Under the effect of laser radiation, the activity of personal interdermal hyaluronic acid molecules and their synthesis is improved. Hyaluronic acid laserophoresis is accompanied by the activation of the skin’s recovery resources and the renewal of the skin.

  • Good tolerability
  • Fast effect
  • Absence of pain during the procedure

Laser physiotherapy is prescribed on the following occasions:

  • Various inflammatory diseases
  • Decrease of the immune function of the organism
  • Pain
  • Propensity to allergies, various dermotological diseases, which are difficult to treat medicamentally (rosacea, vitiligo, eczema, lichen planus, ulcers, acne rash and others)
  • Alopecia
  • Postoperative scarring – healing is much faster when exposed to the laser
Laser therapy
Zone Price
Laser therapy on medical grounds
One zone (15 minutes) 17 €
Face and neck (30 minutes) 44 €

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