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Cellulite treatment injection-free mesotherapy – method excludes use of needles, does not cause pain and is also very effective and reliable, as it enables to take the suggested amount of preparation as deep as every concrete procedure requires. The depth of penetration is in case of 99% concentrate 0.3-1.0 cm and in case of 65% concentrate 6.0 cm. One takes in therapeutic cocktails that cause the bending (lifting) effect of skin, strengthen vessels, restore the amount of substances in tissues and influence fat cells by crushing and taking them out (lipolytic effect).

Over 80% of women come across the cellulite problem. Appearing of distinctive holes on thighs, buttocks and stomach is not always connected with the way of life; even those who visit the gym regularly are not always free of cellulite. Men suffer less from that disease than women do. Women have thinner skin, other location of collagen and elastin and are more dependable on hormones.

LYPO KONTOUR represents No-Needle Mesotherapy™ (injection-free mesotherapy or NNM™), a contemporary alternative to traditional injection mesotherapy method. The complex of treatment procedures, that constitutes NNM™, got the name Aquaphoresis™. The unique technology is protected with the international patent.

Process Aquaphoresis™ is divided into following stages:

1 Stimulation of tissues with laser radiation with wavelength having two different diapasons – red and infrared. Thereby the speed of exchange processes increases and bloodstream improves.

2 The use of electric impulses modelled in such a way to activate different kinds of substances transportation that restore the cellular tissue structure of skin and fat under skin. The proteins aquaporins, that are responsible for opening the water canals in cell membranes, play an important role in the transport.

3 Myostimulation

4 Lymph stimulation

How are the procedures conducted?

Every NNM™ procedure lasts about 30 minutes, for getting the desired results a patient has to undergo the course of medical treatments that consists of 8-10 procedures.

Usually the treatment effect will be seen already after 5-6 procedures, but it depends entirely on the degree of cellulite appearance. Patients bear NNM™ therapy splendidly. All the parameters of every Aquaphoresis™ stage evolve individually that excludes any kind of discomfort. After the procedure a patient can return to the usual activity without any interruption.

Recommended treatment plan: first 2 weeks 3 NNM™ seances and the following 2 weeks – 2 NNM™ seances. Such frequency of procedures enables to activate restoration processes with most efficiency.

Advantages of the given method:

No direct electronic contact with a patient. As a result of this there are no chemical burnings, muscle fasciculations, pains and inflammations.
Non-invasiveness of the method
No contraindications in case of prostheses
Suitable for the transport of ionic, non-ionic substances and lipids
The speed of hydrolipids forcing through skin – approximately 1 g/60 sec
Transports substances with any molecular mass


Pregnancy, lactation, menstruation
Acute infectious and inflammatory diseases
Cardiovascular pathology (stage 3 hypertonic disease, IBS)
Nephropathy, chronic nephritic insufficiency
Gallstone disease (in cellulite correction)
Existence of pacemaker
Infectious skin disease
Individual unbearableness of components of the used device
Allergic diseases

Body injection-free mesotherapy indications:

Loose skin
Stretches (stretch marks)
Big and small wrinkles
Pigmented maculae, skin hyperpigmentation
Different kind of skin scars
Skin condition after plastic operations, chemical peeling, laser skinning (for reducing the rehabilitation period)
Preparing skin for plastic operations (prophylaxis of complications, result optimization)

No-needle Mesoteraphy

Injection-free mesotherapy, 1 time per 7 days


Procedure Duration Price
Lipolitic cocktail (face + neck) 1 hour 15 minutes 132 €
Injection-free mesotherapy (face) 1 hour 15 minutes 132 €
Lipolysis procedures:
Abdomen (4 zones) 45 minutes 40 €
Buttocks (4 zones) 50 minutes 60 €
Back (lower part) 50 minutes 60€
Thighs (back) 1 hour 60 €
Chin 40 minutes 40 €
Shoulder (upper part) 50 minutes 60 €
Back (upper part) 50 minutes 60 €
Sides 50 minutes 60 €
Abdomen 45 minutes 40 €
Buttocks 50 minutes 60 €
Sides + laser 11 minutes + 50 minutes 60 €
Hips (rear side) 50 minutes 60 €
Hips (front side) 50 minutes 60 €
Shoulder (upper part) 50 minutes 60 €
Derma-lift (body):
Abdomen 45 minutes 40 €
Breast lift 50 minutes 60 €
Buttocks 50 minutes 60 €
Neckline 45 minutes 40 €
Sides 50 minutes 60 €
Thighs (rear side) 50 minutes 60 €
Thighs (front side) 50 minutes 60 €
Forearm 50 minutes 60 €
Whitening (body) hyperpigmentation:
Neckline 45 minutes 40 €
Forearm 50 minutes 60 €
Shoulder 50 minutes 60 €
Hands 45 minutes 40 €
Pigment stains (body) 30 minutes 35 €

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