Permanent make up

Modern micropigmentation is a synonym for daily natural beauty.
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Micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure with a permanent effect (3-5 years, which is used to change or adjust certain features of the face or body skin, eliminate their disharmony and assymetry. The era of tattoo with its coarse lines and unpredictable colour changes is at its end. Now it`s time to use modern micropigmntation- synonym of natural everyday beauty.


Save your time spent every day for making yourself up.

Keep your perfect make-up intact at the most intimate moments of your life.

Look gorgeous wherever you are – on the beach, in a sauna or in a gym.

Micropigmentation of eyebrows

  • One hair at a time reconstruction of eyebrows in case of their absence, also in case the yeybrows are too narrow, short or thin.
  • Compensation of the eyebrows assymetry, improvement of their colour or shape.
  • Producing the eyebrorow lifting effect, optically openingthe eyelid and creating “talking eyes”.

Micropigmentation of eyelids

  • Creating the effect of thick eyelashes.
  • Applying eyeliners of various shades (matching the eye colour).
  • Optically reshaping the turned-down eye corners.

Micropigmentation of lips

  • Changing the shape of the lips.
  • Increasing the colour intensity on the whole surfaceof the lips or onpart of it.
  • Compensation of the asymmetry.
  • Brighten and optically rashepe wrinkles on the upper lip.
  • Optically increase the volume of lips with the use of the light- and-shade tehnique.

Creation of freckles and moles

By applying a mole with the use of micropigmentation it is possible to accentuate cheekbones or a lip, while light freckles can make your skin look younger.

Micropigmentation of nipple areolas

The procedure of pigmenting the scars left after aestetic and plastic surgery carried out for breast enlargement or redreduction, with the aim of reproducing the natural shade of areolas, becomes more and more popular.Moreover, the high rate of breast cancer makes micropigmentation an effective method of psychologycal aid, because it allows to reproduse fully the areolas removed during mastectomy.

Memo for the client

The procedure is performed with fulllocal anaessthesia. All treatment procedures are perfomed by licensed professional following the GOLDENEYE tehnique (Germany-Spain), with the use of the CRISTAL TECH PRO apparatus (GERMANY).

  • All parts making contact with the pigment and consesequently with the ckient`s skin are disposable and sterilized with gamma-rays.
  • A rich colour palette is used, the pigments are selected according to the individual features of each client.
  • Preliminary testing of the pigment tolerance.
  • The only absolute contraindication for the procedure is allergic intolerance to the pigment.
The possible relative or temporary contraindications:

  • Periods
  • Pregnancy
  • Herpes in the exacerbation stage
  • Local dermatitis
  • Cicatrices (scars) in the stabilization stage
  • Plastic ssurgery and subdermic infiltrations in the stabilization stage (1 to 6 months)
  • Chemoradiotherapy
  • Laser therapy
  • Chemical peeling
Permanent make up
Imitation of natural eyebrow hair 200 €
Shadow drawing 180 €
Combination of shadow + eyebrow hair 190 €
3D volume - 3 and more shadesare used 190 €
Thick eyelashes - eyelash space filling 150 €
Eyeliner - classic eye liner effect 180 €
Eyelash space filling + eyeliner 200 €
Eyelash space filling + eyeliner + lower eyelid 260 €
Lower eyelid 80 €
Eyelash extension 60 €
Light lip contour using natural shades 150 €
Lip contour with blanding 165 €
Watercolor technic light contourless blending 165 €
3D volume-3 or more shades are used 180 €
Fullidense color filling 165 €
Permanent makeup correction (during first 2 month) 95 €
Renewal a year later 100 €

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