We return youth to your skin for 4 * procedures! Fast, long-term result up to 18 months

What is RF lifting for?

Ultra-fast, non-traumatic and safe lifting and skin rejuvenation

After the first procedure you will see the effect.

Fast, long-term result, the best of the modern RF skin therapies!

NO – You do not need to adjust to the schedule – after the procedure you can do your daily business!

YES – this procedure is SAFE FOR HEALTH!

The result is guaranteed

After the first procedure you will see a stunning effect


Reducing wrinkles


Stimulation of collagen growth


Smooth, young skin


Deceleration of the aging process of the skin


Decreased body fat volume


Enhance skin elasticity


Reduction of cellulite


Improvement of skin elasticity

As a result

We do not change your appearance, we return youth and skin elasticity

The effect is visible after the first procedure and increases after the course within 3 to 6 months!

The recommended minimum course: for one zone 2 – 4 procedures with an interval of 7 – 21 days.

After the received procedures, your smooth renewed skin, a younger face and an improved figure will delight you for a long time!

The photos show the result after 4 * procedures

EXILIS ELITE is the guarantee of quality!

The annual winner among the procedures for the version of My Face My body Awards

Reviews of our guests

I did the RF Lifting EXILIS ELITE procedure, which I was very pleased with, as it really works!
Liana Turpakova

Editor, "Vecherka", Õhtuleht, magazine "Pulse"

Having visited different salons, there were no results. Having come to the Freya Estetica salon, after many years the result finally appeared. After several procedures the face became so soft, clean and it became so nice to stroke it, that I just could not believe that this was happening with my face, with me. I will continue to come only here. I’m in reliable hands. Freya Estetica is the best salon in Estonia!

Freya Estetica happy customer, 17.12.2015

When we get the result on a beautiful face in all senses, we gain confidence that we will return again for the beauty here. Thank you very much for diligence and pleasant communication!

Freya Estetica happy customer, 13.02.2016


The recommended interval between the procedures at one zone is 7-21 days.

* The recommended number of procedures is calculated individually at the consultation before the procedure.

RF Lifting Exilis Elite
zone price
Exilis face
Face and chin, 1 procedure - 2 hours 160 €
Face 90 min 132 €
Forhead 1 zone 30 min 40 €
Eyes 2 zones, 45 min 60 €
Cheeks 2 zones - 45 min 60 €
Neck and chin, 3 zones, 1 hour 90 €
Mouth, 1 zone, 30 min 40 €
Neck 2 zones, 30 min 60 €
Chin 1 zone, 30 min 40 €
 Treatment of areas of the face and chin, course of 4 procedures 580 €
Exilis body
Decolte, 3 zones, 30мин 40 €
Chest, 2 zones, 30мин 60 €
Chest, 4 zones, 1 hour 145 €
Knees 2 zones, 45 min 60 €
Forearms 2 zones, 1 hour 60 €
Arms  4 zones, 1 h 15 min 88 €
Knees 2 zones, 45 min 60 €
Body (abdomen, sides, buttoks) 6 zones, 2 hours 176 €
Body (abdomen) 1 zone, 30 min 40 €
Body (abdomen) 2 zones, 1 hour 60 €
Body (sides) 1 zone, 1 hour 60 €
Body (buttocks) 2 zones, 45 min 60 €
Thigs (rear side, front side, back side) 6 zones, 2 hours 176 €
Thigs (front side) 2 zones, 45 min 60 €
Thigs (rear side) 2 zones, 45 min 60 €
Thigs (back side) 2 zones, 45 min 60 €

Top procedures

EXILIS - Face and chin

Eyes, mouth, forhead, chin, cheeks

6 zones

1 complete procedure

Duration: 2 hours

160 €


Abdomen, sides, buttocks,

6 zones

1 complete procedure

Duration: 2 hours

176 €

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