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Aqua Hydra Facial Cleaning

multifunctional apparatus procedure for skin care of the face, neck and décolleté

Any skin even dry and sensitive needs cleansing, both at home and in a professional salon. This is necessary in order to remove dead cells and various impurities from the skin surface – the remains of makeup, dust, sebum. One of the most universal procedures is aquacleaning.

Aqua hydra Facial Cleaning is a multifunctional apparatus procedure for skin care of the face, neck and décolleté. The cosmetologist puts on an individual nozzle on a special device, in which the effect of a vacuum is created.

At the same time there is a supply of active serums. The vacuum “absorbs” all the impurities, and the “nebulizer” saturates the skin with the necessary substances.

In addition to vacuum cleaning, aqua hydra Facial Cleaning also includes other steps: surface acid peeling for deeper pore cleansing, extraction with individually selected serums and active hydration.

The result: incredibly clean, smooth, and nourished skin.

Aqua hydra Facial Cleaning is a universal treatment suitable for all skin types. With deep effective skin cleansing, it removes not only surface contaminants, but also black spots and sebaceous plugs.

Aqua hydra Facial Cleaning can be carried out all season. Immediately after the procedure, you can return to your usual affairs as redness on the skin will be minimal.

The procedure is individual. A wide selection of nozzles and serums allows each client to choose their own protocol of the procedure, suitable specifically for their skin type.

The procedure is enjoyable. The vacuum nozzle provides a pleasant facial massage without causing pain and discomfort.



Аqua hydra Facial Cleaning suits everyone;


Dull, unhealthy skin;


Oily, problematic skin with black spots and slight inflammation;


Contaminated skin with enlarged pores;


Uneven relief, skin tone;


Pigmentation phenomenon.

When solving specific aesthetic problems, a cosmetologist can recommend an Aqua Hydra Facial Cleaning course. As a preventative care to maintain a fresh look and prevent age-related changes, we recommend that you do the procedure once every 1-2 months.



Aqua Hydra Facial Cleaning prices

*The recommended number of procedures is calculated individually at the consultation before the procedure.

Aqua Hydra Facial Cleaning
Procedure Duration Price
Aqua Hydra Facial Cleaning 1h 15 min 80.00 €
Anti Akne Aqua Hydra Facial 1h 15 m 85.00 €
Brightening Aqua Hydra Facial 60 min 85.00 €
Anti Age Aqua Hydra Facial 1h 15 min 100.00 €
Aqua Hydra Facial For Men 60 min 85.00 €

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