Health and well-being can not be estimated in money, so the best investment for your body and peace of mind is massage.

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Classic massage

Classic massage or full body massage – an effective way to maintain health and prevent many diseases. Classical massage is used to eliminate pain, swelling, and for a quick recovery of injured tissues. However, classic massage perfectly restores muscle strength, increase their efficiency, strengthens ligaments and joints. General massage cleanses the skin of hardened cells, relaxes and activates tone muscle tissue. In addition, it is useful for strengthening the immune system.

Thai massage

This art of therapeutic healing is handed down from generation to generation, from master to student. Authentic Thai massage is performed by our specialists in Freya Estetica. The practice can be dated back thousands of years, and is greatly valued by the Thai people.Formally, all medical doctors had to learn all the branches of Thai massage. Up to this day, it is still used in collaboration with traditional medicine. Traditional Thai massage begins by the opening of energy channels. Consistent pressure is applied on the body’s reflexory areas, which will relieve muscle tension. Using a combination of reflexology and yoga stretches helps to achieve improved circulation. Traditional Thai massage can be enjoyed either merely for it’s relaxing trait, or it can also be used as an alternative for physical and mental healing.

Massage with honey

It helps to fasten your metabolism and therefore detoxify Your body. As a result one shall embrace a smooth, cellulite-free body. Your body is your temple so treat it like one and get rid of cellulite, toxins and fatigue with Honey massage excecuted by our well- trained staff in Freya Estetica beauty salon.To enhance the effect of this massage make sure to stay active, eat wholefoods, enjoy our honey massage frequently and keep a positive mindset. By doing so you will see a more than satisfying effect in 3 or 4 weeks of the first massage.

Aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy is a unique combination of classical massage and essential oils for your body and soul. Etheric oils that we use in this therapy are natural and therefore they not only improve the looks of ones skintone and organizm but also stimulates the mind when inhaling the fumes by nature. All of the processes will get a real restart! Metabolizm will fasten, Your skin gets more subtle and even, bloodcirculation will improve, the mind shall feel fresh and serene again!

Lava stone massage

Exclusive technique with hot lava stones is truly amazing. Stones are placed on the energy centres of the body, which they heat, thus releasing and agitating energy in the energy lines (meridians). The accumulated heat, together with the energetic vibrations of the lava stones, releases the blocked energy lines resulting in the balancing and harmonization of energy in the body. Subsequent massage with hot smooth lava stones agitates the blood circulation and lymphatic system. They heat and relax the muscles and boost the metabolism. After this, the organism is strongly detoxified.

Procedure Duration Price
Classic Massage 30 minutes 30 €
Classic Massage 60 minutes 38 €
Classic Massage 90 minutes 53 €
Therapeutic Massage 60 minutes 45 €
Honey massage 60 minutes 45 €
Aromatherapy 60 minutes 45 €
Lavastone massage 60 minutes 45 €
Sports massage 60 minutes 52 €

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